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The Cave Hotel and Golf Resort Accessibility Guide


The Cave Hotel and Golf Resort is committed to providing a welcoming and accessible environment for all guests. Our accessibility guide is designed to assist guests, especially those with disabilities, in making informed decisions about their stay. If you have specific questions or requirements not addressed in this guide, please contact our reception team for assistance.


Table of Contents:

  1. General Information
  2. Arrival and Parking
  3. Entrances and Public Areas
  4. Guest Rooms
  5. Accessible Facilities
  6. Assistance and Service Animals
  7. Dining
  8. Communication
  9. Emergency Procedures
  10. Additional Information


General Information:


Address: Brickfield Ln, Boughton-under-Blean, Faversham ME13 9AJ

Contact: 01227 752277


Accessibility Statement:

The Cave Hotel and Golf Resort is committed to ensuring accessibility for all guests. We strive to provide an inclusive and accommodating environment. Please contact the hotel prior to your arrival if you would like assistance with your stay.


About the hotel:

The Cave Hotel and Golf Resort Hotel is a building of three floors. There is lift access to all floors. Bedrooms are located on all floors. The ground floor provides dining, lounge, and bar.

There is a disabled toilet on the first floor in the hotel which is accessible by lift.

There is good mobile reception throughout the hotel and every bedroom has a telephone.

The fire alarms are tested weekly. You will be made aware when they are if it is planned during your stay.


Arrival and Parking:

Accessible Parking:

  • Designated accessible parking spaces are available in the hotel parking area.
  • Spaces are marked clearly for ease of customers.


Drop-off Point:

A convenient drop-off point near the main entrance is available for guests with limited mobility.


Entrances and Public Areas:


The main entrance is wheelchair accessible and equipped with automatic doors. Staff are available to assist guests with the curtain that is over the entrance.


Lobby and Reception:

  • The reception desk is accessible to wheelchair users.
  • Staff are trained to provide assistance as needed.


Guest Rooms:

Accessible Rooms:

  • We offer an accessible room with features such as grab bars, wet room and emergency cord. There is a lip on the door out to the terrace.
  • The door that leads into the room measures 90cm and the door leading on to the terrace measures 69cm.
  • Room furnishings are arranged to provide ample manoeuvring space.


Room Amenities:

  • Audible fire alarms are available as well as a pillow pad system.
  • Large print room service menus are available in the room.


Accessible Facilities:

Lifts and Elevators:

All floors are accessible by lift, with buttons at an accessible height.



Public restrooms are designed to accommodate wheelchair users.


Assistance and Service Animals:

Service Animals:

  • Guests with disabilities are welcome to bring their service animals.
  • Please inform us in advance for a seamless stay.



Dining Areas:

  • Our dining areas are accessible with manoeuvrable spaces for wheelchair users.
  • Staff are trained to assist guests with specific dietary requirements.



Large print menus are available upon request.



  • There is a ramp leading up to the marquee.
  • Free space and space within the marquee will be event dependent.
  • Access to toilet has a lip on the door which is then followed by 6 steps up to the toilets.
  • Accessible toilets are available in the main hotel which is approximately 25 meters away.



Website and Reservation System:

Our website and reservation system are designed to be accessible.


Communication Assistance:

Staff members are trained to provide assistance for guests with specific communication needs.


Emergency Procedures:

Evacuation Procedures:

  • Evacuation procedures are available in large font formats.
  • Staff are trained to assist guests with disabilities during emergencies.
  • A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan can be agreed upon arrival with guests.


Additional Information:


We welcome feedback on our accessibility services.

Contact to share your thoughts and suggestions.


Accessible Transport:

Information on accessible transport options in the local area is available upon request.